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Feelings & Needs Vocabulary Lists

Most of us don’t grow up with a strong, varied feelings and needs vocabulary because it was not modelled to us – and, often, we have been discouraged in our childhood from showing our feelings or talking about what we long for. Strong feelings and needs vocabularies are incredibly helpful building blocks for connection.

You can get your own feelings and needs lists here. You may freely share this list for non-commercial purposes if you include the copyright information.  Needs Feelings Body

When we first start out, we can use a “classic” compassionate communication format from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg to express what we are longing for.  Example: we can translate our grumpy judgment “you’re dirty!” to a clearer expression of what would make our lives more enjoyable observations, feelings, needs, and a request such as “When I saw the crumbs in your bed, I was dismayed because I enjoy cleanliness. Could you change your sheets and vacuum the floor before bedtime tonight?”  Which way would you enjoy hearing more? Which way is more likely to invite your cooperation or that of others you know?

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