NVC Trainer Community offerings

NVC Trainer Community offerings

A Space for NVC Trainers Steeped in NVC

Hello fellow NVC trainers! This page has offerings focused on our ongoing learning and community development. Not seeing something that you would enjoy? Please make a request. Stay tuned for additional initiatives and resources for candidates and see our special events below!

First Generation NVC Trainers
offer In-Person Training!

March 9-14, 2025

Hold the dates!

March 9-14, 2025

Five of the First Generation NVC Trainers (over 30 years of experience each) will be offering a 5-day training, in person.
Open to CNVC Certification Candidates and CNVC Certified Trainers
Contact me via the contact tab to join the mailing list! More information will be posted here, later. You can also visit the FirstGenNVCers events’ page.

Feel Alive & Thrive - Where Trainers can Play & Seek/Give Feedback

Feel Alive & Thrive (Thrive NVC)
4th Mondays 12:30 – 1:30 PM Mountain Time (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Are you a CNVC registered Candidate or a Certified Trainer in NVC who would like to offer a 15 minute or 30 minute interactive session for fellow practitioners and the public and receive feedback? Thrive NVC is a 1-hour session designed for just that.

It is also an opportunity to practice giving feedback. To sign up as a participant, visit the Process Works Calendly page via the Book Now button on this website.

Interested in being a facilitator? Propose an offering through our facilitator session form. We request that facilitators have a minimum of 10 days of training with CNVC Certified trainers.

Journaling in Community (Advanced)
Weekly, for CNVC Candidates and Certified Trainers

Journaling on a weekly basis keeps you connected and gives you regular opportunities to shift habitual responses, and this is how habits transform. You will have a chance to:

  • Be accompanied and witnessed in your growth and transformation
  • Practice using a structured journaling table provided in class
  • Get clarity about your issue
  • Take time to slow down so you feel calmer and more grounded

Journaling in community has helped to save marriages, facilitate a peaceful divorce, support nurturing parenting, and stave off unhealthy workplace stress. Structured NVC journaling is in community can be powerful, even when incremental.

The typical format is 1-2 minutes of self connection, check ins about what is most alive for everyone in the moment, journaling time (where you can also receive support from the facilitator), and a closing sharing for those who wish to share about their insights or questions.

To journal is a request as part of the certification process.

We can support your group’s weekly sessions as you learn to journaling together (after which I imagine you can continue on your own).

Book a 20 minute session through BOOK NOW to learn more.

Training Toolkits

Are you looking to offer communication training but you do not like creating curriculum? I am developing a trainer toolkit that may be of interest to you. Available to NVC practitioners with 10 or more days of training with certified trainers, the Communication Training Shoebox is a modular system that has concept cards, activity cards, participant handouts, and administrative handouts. You will be able to buy just the components you are most interested in, for example Key Differentiation concept cards. The puppets are available below. More is to come!  Would you like to be part of Beta-testing? Let me know.

If you would like to know more, contact me.

Giraffe, Jackal, Ought-ter, and Stratapus puppets, hand drawn