Feeling Alive
in Family Life

Get Closer

  • Enjoy your time together
  • Feel at peace, inside
  • Know how to clean up the messes
  • Get your dreams on the table

Express Yourself in a Way Others Can Hear

  • Get clear about what you need with some play
  • Be honest - and feel good about it
  • Listen without hearing criticism
  • Let differences bring you together

Feel Confident with a Model to Guide Your Conversation

  • Aim to understand each other
  • Connect away from painful stories
  • Discover what is really up
  • Make requests that work for you all

You can sign up for The Practice or arrange a custom booking with us for six or more family members, friends, or faith group in your homes, local cafe, church or our online spaces. One-on-one training support is also available. Excited to get started? To find out more, Book Now to set up a free, no-pressure 20-minute question and answer session.

Book a Private Training - Friends/Family

Click on Book Now (Calendly) for a free session to discuss what you would like and to get support with your booking, and confirm it with a Stripe payment.

What this training looks like – both in terms of the focus of the topics as well as the frequency and number of sessions – depends on what you need. We can explore that together, starting with a 20-minute session.

Example questions you can prepare with: 
  • Where are you close with others?
  • Where do you feel disconnected?
  • What wants to be said that hasn’t been spoken?
  • What’s holding you or others back from sharing vulnerably?
  • Where are you already feeling joyful?
  • What would bring you more joy?
  • What’s holding you back from pursuing what is meaningful to you?
  • What kinds of interactive activities does your group learn best with? E.g. group discussion, small group dialogues, roleplays, and individual journaling.
  • How big will your group be, how often would you like to meet, where would you like to meet, and what is your budget?
  • Is there anything you want me to know about your particular group?

Facilitator: Elke Haggerty

The first step in making a private booking is sharing where you are hoping to enjoy communication more. If you are not sure, I can help you discover that.

The next step is booking a 20-minute discovery session through Book Now (Calendly) to create a plan together based on your needs.

Once we have scheduled your sessions, you confirm by making a group payment through the Stripe link we will provide or through Interac, in Canada. Please read the cancellation policy before making your payment.

The Practice

How can we feel closer to our loved ones, invite support from others, and show up with confidence? The Practice gives you space to practice connecting conversations with others (or yourself) using Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

The ongoing weekly series is an authentic, facilitated exploration with an NVC trainer. There is no prerequisite. 

We meet weekly. The topics are decided based on participant feedback and requests. At the moment, we are exploring individual needs and how we would like these to show up in our lives. Example activities include group discussion, breakout group dialogues, roleplays, and personal journaling. 

Facilitator: Elke Haggerty

You can sign up via Calendly through the Book Now button on this page (one month at a time) or sign up for the current calendar month through this page. Want to try it out before signing up for a month? Contact Elke through the Contact tab to make your request.

Train One-on-One with a Facilitator

Prefer working one-on-one on your communication with someone in your personal life (such as a child, spouse, service provider, or yourself)? That’s possible.  Book a 55-minute one-on-one here.