Our Approach

My work draws extensively on the Nonviolent Communication philosophy of American psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, which can also be called compassionate or collaborative communication. The purpose of NVC is to create the quality of connection where people give to each other because they want and choose to, rather than out of a sense of guilt, fear, shame, obligation, duty, or rewards. Fundamentally, I believe people enjoy making each other’s lives more wonderful (wondering about this? Just think of a time when you did something that someone asked of you simply because you wanted. How did it feel?).

My training and one-on-one accompaniment is straight-forward, practical, empathic, and centered on current interests of my clients. I also like to bring in fun and people comment on my positive energy. I especially enjoy creating custom offerings, play, and creativity.  Feel free to book a 20 minute session with me to explore an offering based on your group’s specific needs and learning styles.

*Informational note: NVC, or collaborative communication, is NOT the same as Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training, nor is it a substitute for therapy.


Values that are not lived are dreams.  We value walking the talk.  Here are some of our Elke’s key values:


Encourage self-expression, even when it may be hard to hear, in ways that are as easy to hear as we are capable of.


Welcome others in their authenticity and strive for mutual understanding where there are differences.


Room for initiative and significant self-responsibility in getting things "done."


Ideas that are outside-the-box are greeted with curiosity and openness; these are genuinely explored.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are willing to travel to areas that are safe.

At this moment, Elke’s key service areas include Alberta, Canada and northeast British Columbia, and she has done work online in various countries including the USA, Ukraine, and Egypt.

Our collaborators are in the USA, Egypt, and Australia.

Yes. We focus on clear communication that is compassionate and this can be applied to a variety of areas.  Some examples outside of the courses currently offered on the website include marketing, customer service, decluttering, and actioning dreams in teams. 

Contact us to discuss your area of interest.