About Us

About Us

My Story

I remember standing with my elementary school friend, Joanna, on the sidewalk between our homes. I mentioned that everyone in my extended family had divorced except my grandparents on my mother’s side and that I wanted to have more lasting relationships when I was older. Communication became important to me.

I remember that she shared that she would have enjoyed fewer scheduled activities and that she wasn’t enjoying that her feet were bloody and curled from her ballet shoes. It struck me then that I would offer my children choices.

Collaborative communication, which is largely based on the work of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, is about communication and choice. It was a natural fit for me. It balances interdependence with autonomy and works in families, schools, community discussions, at work, and in our inner worlds.

I bring together Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s work on compassionate communication with negotiation, facilitation, interest-based problem-solving, and organizational behaviour.  I have worked as a facilitator, helping people to achieve their dreams by drawing out what was important to them and helping them to connect in meetings, and have extensive interactive teaching experience from work at three Alberta colleges, home schooling (4 kids, 6 years with successful school re-integration), skiing instruction, and more. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn or by giving me a call!

My Approach


My training and coaching is straight-forward, practical, empathic, and centered on current interests of my clients. I also like to bring in fun and people comment on my positive energy. Since I believe understanding key concepts supports learning new processes more quickly, I create structured lesson and learning plans, leaving space to stay with clients’ interests in the moment. In addition, I design custom training tools to support understanding. In fact, I’m currently working on a training toolkit for communication practitioners.


Elke Haggerty, LL.M., MBA, CNVC Certification Candidate. Elke has been on the communication track for over 20 years, focusing on facilitation, interest-based negotiation, mediation, organizational behaviour, and parenting. Nonviolent communication (NVC) resonated deeply with her when she discovered it in 2015. She remembers her daughter stomping down the stairs and saying “no” after being asked to help; instead of hearing that she didn’t matter, Elke recognized her daughter’s needs (e.g. choice, relaxation) and it transformed how she felt and responded. Since then, she has taken over 60 days of training with certified trainers. Her training and coaching sessions are interactive, structured, warm, and safe spaces of exploration and discovery. Her vision for our internal, family, and work conversations is to “Create Change, One Conversation at a Time.” Her areas of focus are relationships with children (including “bullying”) and individuals on the journey to self-acceptance. Process Works, (780) 933-5542.