Journaling Learning Community (Wednesdays 10:45 am MT, Monthly Subscription)

Journaling Learning Community (Monday Drop In, 1:00 – 2:00 pm MT (Edmonton))

NVC journaling gives you a chance to delve under the surface of stories, worries, and celebrations so you can get really clear about what is important to you and others. The clarity – and the relief that comes with it – makes it possible to act decisively to rebuild relationships where there is hurt or resentment and to ask for what would make your life more warm, connecting, safe, joyful, and more. This non-judgmental personal work can save marriages, work, and other relationships, and it can strengthen your self-appreciation, dignity, resilience, and health.


Requested contribution (Ranges available): $80.00

If you have means, we would appreciate at least this contribution: $20.00