The Work

The Work

The collaborative communication training and coaching that my colleagues and I offer is inspired by the work of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg. The purpose of this kind of non-judgmental communication is to create a trusting, caring, mutual quality of connection where people naturally and willingly contribute to one another’s well-being.

When you start communicating with an intention to connect, you can transform the pain that gets in the way of understanding. Anyone can learn this kind of communication and it is healing for ourselves in addition to helping us to build relationships and request more of what we want in a spirit of willing cooperation. 

 You can, for example, learn to:

  • Listen with presence to hear the needs in difficult-to-receive behaviours and words
  • Trade judgment for understanding
  • Empathize genuinely with confidence
  • Manage strong emotions
  • Create heartfelt connection
  • Express honestly, even when it’s scary
  • See others and yourself more objectively
  • Ask for what you want
  • Talk about differences of opinion respectfully

How have I seen this make a difference? I’ve seen these skills diffuse irritation and stress (even ending stress-related headaches), clear up misunderstandings, heal broken relationships, diffuse “bullying”, and empower us to handle unexpected threats.

Want to learn? Click here to find out more about Process Works’ training and coaching.  Process (noun) Works (verb)!  You can also connect with me to learn more or watch a few of my short videos on my Process Works Facebook Page.