“Although it was a parenting course, I was able to take my learning and transfer it to the classroom
as well as to all relationships in my life.” – Brianne M (Alberta)

“I got bodily relief from doing the NVC Journaling in the group by Elke.
I feel so relieved, I feel like a big shift happened in my body, it was deep.
I felt shifts as I read the prompts and then I freely journaled my truth.
For the very first time I could allow myself to think my thoughts without pushing them down.
For the very first time I could actually feel all my feelings without burying any of them away!
I felt that the journaling process, held the space someone would as I was present with myself!” – Isa
B (Aruba)

“Thank you very much for modeling the limitless ways and scenarios of where to use NVC.” –
Catrina H.W. (Minneapolis)

“With your workshop I realized how I was doing my journaling: I was writing my story without the
observations, feelings and needs and, honestly, this wasn´t helpful to me. With this new knowledge
and skill, I can now write in a way that I can improve my compassion with myself and for others.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate what I learned from you.” – María José C. (Chile)

“Elke uses puppet animals to convey the concepts of nonviolent communication in a fun and
informative way. Elke makes you feel comfortable in participating and sharing in the group setting
on zoom. Elke is passionate about teaching and opening me up to find new ways to communicate
effectively in different situations.” – Mariana C. (Vancouver)

“This training and Elke’s contribution were very helpful to an increased understanding of NVC.
The course provided an excellent framework for each of the elements of NVC and an opportunity
to practice during each session.” – Anna B (Alberta)

“I get big pay off from my investments of time and money from Elke’s classes. Keep the materials
she provides because you will want to review them as time goes by.” – Sterling U. (Vancouver)

“Elke, The Anger Accordion is really great!… seems very usable and clear. Can’t wait to practice with
it. Grateful to you Elke for the time and thought you put into creating this tool for acknowledging
and processing anger.” – Beth M. (Tennessee)

“Dear Elke, I was very surprised how simple you are but, in the meantime, how powerful your
instructions and advice. Maybe they were very powerful because they were simple, practical, and
direct to the point. And the most important thing is that you are, as we say, in the battlefield. You
have kids, you face challenges, but you maintain living NVC, and every time we met with you, you
gave us hope that it is possible to put what we learn in practice. Your presentations were simple,
inspiring, and informative. And you were very generous providing us with a copy. Journaling is now
part of my life because of you …. I am honored to learn NVC with Dr. Ahmad, and grateful that
you were part of our journey. I am sure that we will meet again, till that time, thank you and love
you Elke.” – Doaa Safwat (Egypt)

“You presented your four times, nearly seven hours with us. I saw how your presentation was
covering all items of the topics, you were committed to time, clear, understood to us, sensitive to be
slow as we asked because the language difference. your using of example simplified your talks. Your
personal examples from your real life touched us. You took initiative to share more time than we
expected which was highly highly appreciated as generosity. Some things could not be measured
which is your heart in your work; it was very inspiring. One of the group presented a topic and
gained admiration from all of us to the degree we named her the Egyptian Elke … you know her Dr.
Enas Ezzat.” – Ahmad Dobea (Egypt)